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Glad to see someone speaking out

You know, i'm sure there were a lot more people who hated pimp phone than voted for it. But i'm glad that someone has risen up to say "Pimp phone is a piece of shit and whoever the fuck voted for it NEEDS TO GET OFF OF NEWGROUNDS!" Good job at making it clear. But you know, im sure the people who voted for pimp phone were about age 5 thinking that the thing is the funniest thing they've seen. God damn assholes...they all need to be shot.

Dont give up!

it was going good! Seriously though, flash takes time, and thats what makes a good flash...DOING LOTS OF WORK! I mean, if you didnt make hard work, you'd wind up with "Pimp Phone Owns You" (God i hate that flash!). But seriously dude, keep it up, dont give up!

P.S: Hahaha...Blind Melon. Its weird, i was thinking of that song just last night...AND THEN THERE IT IS!


I honestly dont know what to say. It wasn't terrible, but it definitly wasnt good. Try again.

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Needs improvement

Its got potential, but it really starts to suck when you only have on hit. Not to mention you need to target a specific part of the stick guy. Just work on it dude.

Pretty good

Its a good concept and all, but it gets a little boring after a while. Try to add a little more excitement or something to at least make the game diverse. Good job though.

Messed up too many times

Half the names i spelled wrong, and the others....didnt really know....mainly because i havn't played a few of them. Good job though. Although it's just a quiz, im sure the RPG fans will like it as i did.

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Good job

Nice job on your work. Good, steady beat with plenty of new sounds. Good work.


It sounds a bit like something you would get out of a Final Fantasy game. Nonetheles, really great music. You can't find much like this.

Ryanitto responds:

I know where you can find much like this:

"...something you would get out of a Final Fantasy game."

Pretty good

I'm pretty cool with this song. It does, however, sound like something you would make off of Punk-O-Rama. Nonetheless, it's a good song.

You can find at least one good song or band from any style of music. Don't discriminate due to sex, religion, gender, or even music because after all, we're all human. Don't look at the name either. I was young when i created this account.

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